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MINTEQA2 for Windows
MINTEQA2 for Windows
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U.S. EPA Geochemical Equilibrium Speciation Model

MINTEQA2 for Windows is a user-friendly Windows version of the popular U.S. EPA geochemical equilibrium model.  MINTEQA2 is a geochemical equilibrium speciation model capable of computing equilibria among the dissolved, adsorbed, solid, and gas phases in an environmental setting. MINTEQA2 includes an extensive database of reliable thermodynamic data that is accessible to PRODEFA2, an interactive program designed to be executed prior to MINTEQA2 for the purpose of creating the required MINTEQA2 input file. MINTEQA2 generates reports at user-selected levels of detail. Reported parameters include the concentrations of all species in the system and saturation states of all solids. MINTEQA2 can be used to calculate Kd, the distribution coefficient between adsorbed and dissolved concentrations. This parameter is extremely useful in ground-water transport models.

MINETEQA2 for Windows can do all of the calculations that the official U.S.EPA DOS version can and it uses the same thermodynamic database - all in an intuitive Windows-based graphical user interface. MINTEQA2 for Windows computes the equilibrium composition of a multi-component aqueous system including the mass of each component in solution, sorbed, or precipitated.

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